Notice for North West Road Alignment

Published on Thursday, 19 November 2020 at 4:21:26 PM

Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 58 of the Land Administration Act 1997 and
Sections 3.50(4) and Section 3.50(5) of the Local Government Act 1995 of the Shire of
Menzie’s intention to permanently close the following section of Menzies North West Rd for purpose
of realigning the road and removing 4 curves and replacing the section with a straight section of
road. The specific sections to be closed are shown on the plans in the public notices section of
the Shire of Menzies Website and described in detail below. The road closures will form part of
the Menzies North West Rd Sealing project, sealing 5km of the road per annum from Menzies to Lake

Menzies North West Rd (Also known as Menzies Sandstone Rd)

SLK 36.61 – SLK 40.16.

SLK Points are straightline kilometres measured from SLK 0 at Intersection with Onslow St SLK 0.60
in the town on Menzies, WA

Land Parcels associated with this notice are:

Adelong Station P064 507 1550 Land ID # 390 3564

Reserve R 7031 Land ID # 3421953

Lot P03868963 Land ID # 3318753

Public Road Reserve 3903567.

Pending Mineral Exploration Leases E2901096 & E3000519

For details and plans of the proposal, please refer to the public notices located on Shire of
Menzies website

Written submissions in respect of the proposed road closures may be lodged with the Shire on or
before 5pm, 19 December 2020. Submissions should be marked “Proposed road closures associated with
Menzies North West Sealing Project” and addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Shire of
Menzies 124 Shenton St (PO BOX 4) Menzies WA 6436 or

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