Places of Historical Interest

Town Hall & Shire Office

Original section (left hand front) built in 1896 by architects and builders C Robert Arnott and Charles W Arnott.  In 1900/01 the buidling was extended at a cost of £3,000 to include Council Chambers, administration offices, public library and reading room with a Town Hall located at the rear of the building.  The front section of the building was completely renovated / restored between 1985 and 1988 and the rear hall was rebuilt in 1991.  Further renovations were carried out on the offices in 1999.

Clock Tower

Folklore suggests a clock for the clock tower was sent out from England via SS "Orizaba" in 1905.  Unfortunately, Orizaba sank off the coast of Rottnest Island.  Eventually a clock was installed in the tower and unveiled on 1st January 2000.

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Railway Station

Built in 1898 when the railway line was extended from Kalgoorlie to Menzies.  Has not been used by Westrail since 1974.  It is earmarked by the Shire of Menzies for restoration.

Menzies Communty School

Built in 1898 to accommodate 200 pupils.  Now provides education for 30 children with 3 teachers and the principal.

Old Police Station, Quarters & Gaol

Built in 1911 and used until 1985.  Now a private residence.

Nursing Post

Lovely old stone building, formerly Mining Warden's residence.  W Lambden-Owen (author of Cossack Gold) was Warden of North Coolgardie Goldfield in 1896.  The first hospital in Menzies was a makeshift tent located in the centre of town accommodating three beds.

Menzies Cemetery

Many graves of pioneers and children.  Has not be used for burials since 1939.  Testament to the region's roaring days providing a fascinating record of hardship.  People strived to make Menzies a vibrant, profitable town.  Menzies Cemetery was one of the first bigger cemeteries in the gold rush area with many graves of typhoid victims.  A number of distinctive tin and iron headstones can be seen, and centred in the middle is a rotunda with a box containing a list of the know burials.

Butcher Shop / Tearooms

Two of the remaining shops of the many that lined Shenton Street in early days.

Baker's Oven

Ruins of Well's Bakery.

Old Menzies Hotel (now the Achieveable Outback Cafe and private residence)

Established by Harry Gregory in 1895.  Gregory was the first Mayor of Menzies in 1896/97 and was later Minister for Mines in WA Parliament.

Railway Hotel (now called Menzies Hotel)

In the boom days there were 13 hotels and 3 breweries in Menzies serving a population in excess of 10,000.

Old Lady Shenton Hotel

One of the earliest hotel establishments of Menzies, now the Visitor Centre.

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Old Post Office (now a private residence)

In 1987 the Post Office had a staff of 26.  Earmarked for restoration by the Shire of Menzies.

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Menzies Battery (now privately owned and operated)

Former State Battery established in 1955.

Lake Ballard

The "Inside Australia" exhibition was commissioned to mark the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Perth International Arts Festival in 2003.  It was the idea of internationally renowned artist, Antony Gormley.

The sculptures on the salt lake are derived from laser scans of the inhabitants of Menzies.  The 51 sculptures are scattered over 10 square kilometres of Lake Ballard which is located 51km west from the townsite of Menzies.

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Goongarrie Cottages

Gold was found in Goongarrie in May 1893 by Billy Frost and Jack Bennett.  The site was the first important gold discovery after Coolgardie (before Kalgoorlie).  Originally know as the roaring Gimlet or Ninety Mile (its distance from Coolgardie).  This once prosperous town boasted a post and telegraph office, 2 hotels and several shops which did a good trade as a stopover for the daily coach from Coolgardie to Menzies.  Both the failure of the local mine and the coming of the railway put an end to the town's prosperity.

Niagara Dam

Constructed by the Railways Department in 1897, th intention was that the dam would provide plentiful fresh water for the locomotives that would soon be steaming along the new railway linking Kalgoorlie with Menzies.

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Situated 70km north east of Menzies by road, Kookynie is part of the Shire of Menzies.  Nowadays the town, commonly referred to as a living ghost town, caters for the amy tourists, prospectors, fossickers, mining and exploration companies, pastoralists and local population of thirteen.  The Hotel offers an excellent collection of historic photographs, antique bottles and memorabilia from Kookynie's past.  Kookynie was first discovered by prospectors in 1895, one of whom was W.A. Miller who took up the Englishman lease on 25 June 1895.  Miller sold the lease to the Cosmopolitan Proprietary Ltd in 1897.  This resulted in the development of Kookynie.  The population grew at an astounding rate.

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Golden Quest Discovery Trail

The Golden Quest Discovery Trail runs from Coolgardie in the south to Laverton in the north and cover 965 kilometres.  Along the way it passes many sites that are special to indigenous and non-indigenous people and the significance of the first beginnings in the flourishing times of those 'Goldrush' days, mining and the pastoral industry.  This trail is a self-drive adventure in Western Australia's Goldfields, one of the world's most famous gold-producing regions.  You can purchase your copy of the official guide book to the golden Quest Trail, by visiting the Menzies visitor Centre, or by visiting the Trails website and ordering your copy online