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Employment Opportunities
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Menzies is a mining and pastoral Shire located on the Northern Goldfields Highway, 730 kms east of Perth and 130 kms north of Kalgoorlie.

The Shire of Menzies covers an approximate total area of 125,0000 square kilometres reaching to the South Australian border.

The population of Menzies town site and pastoral surrounds is 108 people (2016 Census data) and a further 150 people (approximately) reside in the Tjuntjuntjarra Community near the South Australian border.

Menzies is a small town with a primary school, Post Office/ Visitor Centre/ Community Resource Centre; Caravan Park; Art Centre; Café and a Hotel that carries some basic essentials.

In applying for employment with the Shire of Menzies, applicants should be aware of the limited facilities of the town and its isolation from other services

Menzies does not have a resident doctor, but a Community Nurse is stationed here three days a week, other than exceptional circumstances when she is called away. The Flying Doctor visits monthly and doctors are available in Kalgoorlie.

The nearest pharmacy is in Leonora 100 kms north of Menzies, but medications can be ordered and delivered via the Community Resource Centre (CRC) or purchased in Kalgoorlie.

There is no café strip and only limited outdoor areas to sit and dine, being the Hotel and the Outback Cafe. The town has a water park, tennis and basketball courts, Youth Centre, a developing Senior Citizens Centre, and surrounding walk trails. People make their own entertainment in Menzies at home or at the popular Menzies Hotel.

Some residents spend weekends during the cool weather prospecting for gold, but usually in Shires away from Menzies as surface gold is not common in the Shire.

Bulk shopping is usually done in the regional centre at Kalgoorlie or there is limited shopping in Leonora.

For potential employees, accommodation is limited and will be included in employment advertisements if it is available. If accommodation is provided it is at a subsidised rate.

Menzies for some people is just the perfect fit – it is safe, virtually crime free, friendly and has a relaxing lifestyle.

There are attractions within the Shire including Lake Ballard which is 51 kilometres north west of Menzies town site and is the location of the world-famous silhouettes by Antony Gormley. 

Niagara Dam 67 kms north of Menzies is a popular tourist destination and swimming is possible when water is in the dam.

The Shire also contains numerous historic townsites and historic buildings that are a draw card for tourists.

The Shire has a small but enthusiastic staff (see website) and for new employees, there is a clear expectation of teamwork, shared responsibilities and an ability and willingness to multi skill which is essential for the smooth operations of the Shire.

If you have any illness or condition that requires regular medical attention, you should think carefully about applying for work in Menzies as services are very limited.

If you understand and accept the limitations and attraction of the town, and you are suitably qualified, then please apply for suitable positions as they arise.

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