Proposed Local Laws - Intention to Adopt

Published on Wednesday, 3 November 2021 at 1:13:41 PM




Shire of Menzies


Proposed Local Laws


The Shire of Menzies proposes to adopt the following local laws –


  1. Shire of Menzies Bush Fire Brigades Amendment Local Law (readvertised)

Purpose – to amend the Bush Fire Brigades Local Law so as to permit greater flexibility

Effect – amendment by removing mandatory training and specified dates to be met by bush fires brigades, and prescribing duties of officers


  1. Shire of Menzies Health Local Law;

Purpose – to provide a statutory means of effectively controlling issues which have the potential to adversely impact on the health and well-being of the community

Effect – to allow health related issues to be controlled so as to provide an acceptable standard for the maintenance of public health in the community, and create remedies and offences for non-compliance


  1. Shire of Menzies Public Places and Local Government Property Local Law

Purpose – to make provisions for the management of public places, thoroughfares and all local government property

Effect – to repeal an existing local law, establish necessary controls for public places, thoroughfares and local government property, provide for permitted and prohibited use and activities, and create offences for non-compliance


A copy of the proposed local laws may be inspected at or obtained from –

  • the Administration Centre in Shenton Street during normal office hours
  • from the Shire of Menzies website at Community Comments Invited
  • by contacting the Administration Centre


Submissions about the proposed local laws may be made by 4.00pm, 22nd day of December 2021 –

  • in writing to the CEO at the address below, or
  • by email to


Brian Joiner

Chief Executive Officer,

Shire of Menzies

PO Box 4, Menzies 6436