Request to Purchase House and Land

Published on Wednesday, 3 July 2024 at 2:16:48 PM


Request to Purchase House and Land

Request to purchase:

Established 3-Bedroom, 2-bathroom house and land within Menzies Town Site.


4.00pm AWST on Friday, 12 July 2024

Address for Delivery:

If you are unable to send by email, take this to the Shire office who will scan and send it.

Request Details

The Shire of Menzies is seeking to purchase an established 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom residence within the Menzies Town Site, to be used for staff accommodation. GFG Consulting have been engaged to assist with this process. Questions should be directed to Paul Owen by email

Property owners willing to offer their house and land are required to provide details of the property, along with the asking price and submit to the Shire before the deadline above.

Download the form here

The Council will consider all submissions and make a decision on which, if any, of the properties represent value for money and are in an acceptable condition to be used for staff accommodation. The Council is under no obligation to accept any of the submissions.

The property must be made available for inspection at a mutually agreed time before any offer to purchase is made.

Note: Should a purchase agreement be established, the Shire will engage a licenced settlement agent for conveyancing tasks.